How to Practice

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How to ‘best’ practice?? It’s the age old question on every sincere learner’s mind.. First of all if you’re here and reading this, with any sense of angst to the pursuit of an answer… know this. You’re way ahead of the game already!! The fact that you want to get better, combined with the action you’ve […]

Oboe Books

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Oboe Books… Ah… A good Oboe Book was SO hard to come by when I was in school! Luckily my City Library had some on their shelves, but once I’d read through the 4 of them, I was a bit stuck for inspiration until I hit the University shelves a few years later…   So […]

Oboe Reeds

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Oboe Reeds are the necessary Oboe accessory – and if you don’t have a teacher that makes them, you’re going to need to test different reeds out until you find the right one for you. My advice is a) talk to your teacher. b) search online and compare prices to your local shops. <A HREF=””> […]

The Oboe

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The Oboe: Basic Facts The Oboe is a double-reed, woodwind instrument. It belongs to the Woodwind family (along with the Flute, Clarinet and Bassoon), and is featured in the Woodwind section of the Symphony Orchestra. Known originally as the Hautbois, the Oboe is pitched in concert C, and has a density of sound, & warm and supple tone that […]

Oboe for Sale

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Searching for an Oboe for Sale? Buying a new Oboe is so much fun! Of course, as with most things, I strongly suggest if you’re a beginner that you ask your teacher which model will suit you best, but once you’ve done that, well, it’s time to go crazy!! Frankly, the Oboe’s here on Amazon […]

Oboe Sheet Music

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Looking for Oboe Sheet Music?? Shopping online is a whole new world of possibility opened since being a student myself.. In my day we had onlyt the one local Oboe shop (thanks Fran at Tempest Music!!) .. but nowadays it’s easy to find things online. Below are some of my favourite collections, but as I […]

Oboe Care

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Oboe Care is vital! Taking good care of your Oboe is hopefully common sense to you – just like you’d take good care of an expensive toy or pet! But if not, or if you’re new and want some tips, read on for my basic guide below. (Hopefully you will also have been showed all […]

Oboe Shirts

Posted on Leave a commentPosted in Oboe Shirts Widgets Looking for a FAB new Oboe Shirt to wear to your next Band Rehearsal?? Or just out on the streets… We are so lucky to live in the current internet age?? There are some great Oboe shirts out there, and I’m trying to hunt down the best sources at the moment, so watch […]

Oboe Jewelry

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Oboe Jewelry makes such a fabulous gift for any Oboist – but particularly for any Oboe students out there… (hint hint families and friends!!!!) These are some of Amazon’s offerings – the best and easiest place to buy from (I believe) online .. and of course with Amazon’s reputation you’re in excellent hands. The ratings […]

Oboe Cane

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Click on An Image to Make a Purchase Rigotti Oboe Cane – Tube Cane (1 Ib) Hand picked Rigotti cane, world famous for its consistency and playability. 1.3 pounds/1kg a pack. Ungouged & unshaped. Usually $66.00, down from $89.99. Rigotti Oboe Cane Oboe – Gouged Hand picked Rigotti cane is world famous for its consistency and […]

Oboe Reed Making

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 … such a long, complicated subject! Basically, there are many many many styles of reeds, and reedmaking is something that will be guided by what sound you want to make, what ‘school’ of Oboe playing (American, European etc) you hail from, and often – or at least to begin with – who your teacher is. But […]

Gabriel’s Oboe

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Gabriel’s Oboe is a piece of music that was written in 1986, by an Italian composer called Ennio Morricone. It was written for the film, “The Mission”, and it’s a gorgeous piece of music that I personally believe is one of the most beautiful Oboe compositions of the 20th Century. Here’s a vid of it so […]

Improving your Sound

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Just like with any other instrument, the sound of the Oboe can vary quite a lot. A beginner will make one kind of sound, while an experienced player will be making a much much different one. 🙂 As a beginner, it’s usual for your original efforts at sound production to resemble the sound of a […]

Oboe D’amore

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The Oboe D’amore is the ‘mezzo-soprano’ Oboe in the Oboe Family. It has a crook and pear-shaped bell like the English Horn, and uses the same fingering as the Oboe, but is pitched a minor 3rd below in A. The Oboe d’amore produces a slightly mellower and quieter sound than the Oboe. Called the ‘love […]

Piccolo Oboe

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The Piccolo Oboe  is the smallest member of the Oboe Family. Like all the other Oboes in current usage, as far as I’m aware it was first created in the 16th Century. Pictures and more details to come! Please watch this space. Also known as the Oboe Musette, it is one of the less frequently used […]

The Oboe Family

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The Oboe family consists of more than just the popular Oboe and English Horn. Thankfully early history books, journals, artwork, compositions and actual instruments that have lasted the test of time all show us that there have been many more members of the Oboe family over the centuries. This is a list of some of […]