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The Piccolo Oboe  is the smallest member of the Oboe Family. Like all the other Oboes in current usage, as far as I’m aware it was first created in the 16th Century. Pictures and more details to come! Please watch this space.

Also known as the Oboe Musette, it is one of the less frequently used Oboes. Pitched in Eb or F above middle C, it’s most commonly found in early 20th Century marching band music, and the occasional rare chamber music ensembles or contemporary compositions.

Despite it’s infrequent usage  however, the Piccolo Oboe/Oboe Musette is (luckily for us!) still in manufacture today, with both the famous Loree and Marigaux companies making and selling models.

You can listen and buy CD’s at http://www.amoris.com/

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find a video, or accessible recording yet of the Piccolo Oboe being played. Please comment or contact me if you know of one…

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